How Sawyers Can Keep Themselves Healthy

Did you know that sawdust can be hazardous when inhaled?


You see, being a sawyer is never an easy job. Yes, this kind of job only involves cutting down trees and other kinds of wood. But just like any occupation that involves building construction and other infrastructure development projects, sawyers are prone to air and other outdoor hazards more than others.

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So, what can sawyers do to keep themselves healthy?


Here are some ways:

  • Wear a face mask. As mentioned before, sawdust can be hazardous when inhaled. Aside from that, it’s not the only hazard present in the air outdoors. Smoke, gas, and chemicals – inhaling all these on a regular basis can have adverse effects on a person’s health.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Undeniably the most overlooked way to keeping one’s self healthy, drinking plenty of water helps replenish all the energy a person has exhausted for his job. As they say, eight glasses of water a day (and more) keeps the doctor away.
  • Wear clothes that can be used for either day or night. Sawyers mostly go up on trees and then back down again for another set of hacking. Wearing warm, yet cool clothes will make a difference in terms of changing temperatures in locations they needed to be in.
  • Be fully clothed. The reason for this is quite simple: to help prevent other airborne toxins from directly making contact to a person’s skin.

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In conclusion, there are people with occupations far more hazardous than anyone can ever think. The least we could do is to help them take care of themselves by giving tips and tricks such as this one.

Stay tuned for more guides on being healthy!

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