How to live longer and better

Tips on How to Have a Longer and Better Life

All of us wants to have a longer and better life. If money can buy a longer life, Bill Gates would be immortal. Yes, you can buy all the medication, vitamin supplements and hospitalizations. But it doesn’t mean that when you’re rich, you’re already living a better life than most of the people. Nobody can give you the true meaning of life. Even the greatest scientists on Earth has their own perspectives. What can I actually do to live longer and better? Here are some tips to help you live longer and better.

Get Rid of all the Negative Vibes

Are you a pessimistic person? Are you one of the glass is half-empty kind of guys? The chances of living a longer life with all that negative vibe is very slim. You should always think positive. Even you lost an arm or leg, think of it as a blessing in disguise. At least you will have that last handicap parking area that you always wanted to park in. Cheer up. Happiness is the key for a longer life. Keep that party going!

Eat Healthy

Fruits and Veggies

The next thing that you should do is to eat healthy. Vitamin supplements are just that. They supplement. You can’t rely on them to fulfill all the necessary nutrients that is needed for our body to function well. Cut off the fatty foods and carbs. Go lean and green. Fruits and vegetables should be your first option. They provide valuable nutrients and antioxidants to combat the everyday wear-and-tear that is happening in our body. Let’s face it. We hate to eat some kind of fruit and vegetable. So juicing should be the answer to your problem. Juicing helps our bodies to absorb those nutrients faster. Best of all, I tastes good. You can visit Juicer Kings to learn more about the wonderful benefits of juicing.

Exercise Daily


All you need is a daily dose of exercise. Living an active lifestyle boosts your chances to living longer and better. While working out, the body releases stress-combating hormones that makes us feel better. Haven’t heard the term “Runner’s High“? That’s exactly what it is. A euphoric state provided by our own body. You should also do some breathing exercises in order for our lungs to function well. Build up muscle mass with weight lifting. Look good. Feel good.


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