How to live longer and better

Tips on How to Have a Longer and Better Life

All of us wants to have a longer and better life. If money can buy a longer life, Bill Gates would be immortal. Yes, you can buy all the medication, vitamin supplements and hospitalizations. But it doesn’t mean that when you’re rich, you’re already living a better life than most of the people. Nobody can give you the true meaning of life. Even the greatest scientists on Earth has their own perspectives. What can I actually do to live longer and better? Here are some tips to help you live longer and better.

Get Rid of all the Negative Vibes

Are you a pessimistic person? Are you one of the glass is half-empty kind of guys? The chances of living a longer life with all that negative vibe is very slim. You should always think positive. Even you lost an arm or leg, think of it as a blessing in disguise. At least you will have that last handicap parking area that you always wanted to park in. Cheer up. Happiness is the key for a longer life. Keep that party going!

Eat Healthy

Fruits and Veggies

The next thing that you should do is to eat healthy. Vitamin supplements are just that. They supplement. You can’t rely on them to fulfill all the necessary nutrients that is needed for our body to function well. Cut off the fatty foods and carbs. Go lean and green. Fruits and vegetables should be your first option. They provide valuable nutrients and antioxidants to combat the everyday wear-and-tear that is happening in our body. Let’s face it. We hate to eat some kind of fruit and vegetable. So juicing should be the answer to your problem. Juicing helps our bodies to absorb those nutrients faster. Best of all, I tastes good. You can visit Juicer Kings to learn more about the wonderful benefits of juicing.

Exercise Daily


All you need is a daily dose of exercise. Living an active lifestyle boosts your chances to living longer and better. While working out, the body releases stress-combating hormones that makes us feel better. Haven’t heard the term “Runner’s High“? That’s exactly what it is. A euphoric state provided by our own body. You should also do some breathing exercises in order for our lungs to function well. Build up muscle mass with weight lifting. Look good. Feel good.


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How Sawyers Can Keep Themselves Healthy

Did you know that sawdust can be hazardous when inhaled?


You see, being a sawyer is never an easy job. Yes, this kind of job only involves cutting down trees and other kinds of wood. But just like any occupation that involves building construction and other infrastructure development projects, sawyers are prone to air and other outdoor hazards more than others.

Learn more about the different types of saws used by sawyers here.

So, what can sawyers do to keep themselves healthy?


Here are some ways:

  • Wear a face mask. As mentioned before, sawdust can be hazardous when inhaled. Aside from that, it’s not the only hazard present in the air outdoors. Smoke, gas, and chemicals – inhaling all these on a regular basis can have adverse effects on a person’s health.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Undeniably the most overlooked way to keeping one’s self healthy, drinking plenty of water helps replenish all the energy a person has exhausted for his job. As they say, eight glasses of water a day (and more) keeps the doctor away.
  • Wear clothes that can be used for either day or night. Sawyers mostly go up on trees and then back down again for another set of hacking. Wearing warm, yet cool clothes will make a difference in terms of changing temperatures in locations they needed to be in.
  • Be fully clothed. The reason for this is quite simple: to help prevent other airborne toxins from directly making contact to a person’s skin.

Click here to learn more about working mindfully outdoors and preventing further airborne toxins from dominating your awesome house project.

In conclusion, there are people with occupations far more hazardous than anyone can ever think. The least we could do is to help them take care of themselves by giving tips and tricks such as this one.

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home baking

Why Buy a Bread Machine?

Who wouldn’t wake up with the tasty aroma of freshly-baked bread wafted across your room early in the morning?  The tray of fresh bread on the table is such a comforting and a very inviting sight that can make you leap the stairs to reach the kitchen right away. Fresh bread is a fresh food. Eating what is fresh will generally generate good health and nutrition. Of course, who would want to consume stale foods?

Now, if you get more interested in baking your own bread,  check out for the best bread machine on the market today here at  Baking your own bread is an exciting task in the kitchen. Of course, who would not like to eat a nutritious bread fresh from the machine?  What are the most moving reasons why you should consider buying a bread machine?

For Easy Baking

If baking has been your passion, then baking is something part of your ordinary tasks. What about the beginners?  Can the bread machine make it easy for them? Well, yes! A bread maker is a useful appliance in the kitchen and it makes baking just a piece of cake.  It can make baking bread so easy. It is the reason why it was invented.  That is what it’s designed for – to make bread baking easy for you.  However,  if you are new to bread baking and the bread machine is considered as your new appliance, you have to read the manual properly and follow instructions religiously. Familiarize with its settings and understand clearly its best features.

For Good Health and Nutrition

If you own a bread machine, you will not be obliged to buy loaves of bread in the stores because you can actually bake your own delicious bread at home. You can take control of the individual ingredients of your baking recipes by trying to walk away from additives and a lot of preservatives.  This is a great advantage of purchasing your own bread machine because you will know exactly what goes into your bread.  Your homemade bread will not just taste so much better but will also offer you vitamins and minerals.  Experiment with the best ingredients, modify your recipes and create your own. As long as you are aware of what the basic and the healthiest ingredients are, then, you are off to go baking the whole year round.

For a Great Savings

Baking your own bread will help you a lot to save your hard-earned money than buying from the nearby bakery or store.  Generally, baking your own is a lot cheaper.  You own your ingredients and you take control of both quantity and quality.  Yes, you will be enjoying your own creations of bread at a reasonable budget.  Furthermore, its quality and nutritional value are a lot better than store-purchased bread.

Make your own bread with a bread maker and experience the real joy of home baking.

7 of the Best Health and Fitness TED Talks You Need to Watch

Inspiring is just one of the words often associated with TED Talks, which has no dearth of videos worth watching. Whether you are looking for inspirations to get back in shape or simply want to explore ideas about healthy living, here are some of the best health and fitness talks you should add to your must-watch list.

AJ Jacobs: How healthy living nearly killed me

Healthy living is one of those goals you often hear from a lot of people. In this talk, AJ Jacobs provides an interesting perspective about the single-minded pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Find out what the downsides of healthy living and how to find that right balance to get the most benefit from it.

Christopher McDougall: Are we born to run?

Why do people run? This talk explores what seems like an intrinsic desire and motivation to run. Listen to stories about different runners and the interesting tales surrounding why they run.

Dean Ornish: Healing through diet

The importance of diet in health and fitness has long been widely-accepted. This talk explores the role of diet in the body’s natural healing abilities. It also touches on the therapeutic benefits of energy and meditation.

Emily Balcetis: Why some people find exercise harder than others

Some people seem to have no trouble sticking to fitness routine while others struggle to stay on track. If you identify more with the latter, then this talk may be a source of inspiration on how to overcome the roadblocks to getting and staying fit. Watch and find out how vision or the way you perceive the world plays a role in fitness.

Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food

Jamie Oliver talks about the importance of teaching children about food not just to combat obesity but as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle. It puts a spotlight on how individual and collective changes can impact lifelong health and fitness.

Judson Brewer: A simple way to break a bad habit

Anyone who has tried to break a bad habit will know how challenging it can be at times. This talk provides an interesting perspective on how to view bad habits and the role of mindfulness in breaking them.

Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days

A lighthearted and refreshing talk about how doing one thing consistently for thirty days can bring about positive change.

christmas stretch

Keeping Fit and Healthy During the Holidays

christmas stretch

The holidays are often a time of celebration. From parties to intimate family gatherings, there are often a lot of late nights and lots of eating involved. The season of revelry brings it with loads of fun and a chance to loosen up to simply enjoy the season. On the downside, it is also a time when freezing temperatures and the whirlwind of activities may get in the way of fitness routines. And with all the partying and eating involved habits like healthy eating tend to get thrown out of the window. But enjoying the holidays does not have to be an excuse to slack off from exercise and eating right. Here are some things you can do to keep fit and healthy during the holidays.

Keep wellbeing a priority

Prioritizing your wellbeing over the holidays can help you make the most of the season’s fun and excitement. Eat nutritious foods, make time for daily exercise, and spend some time for rest and relaxation. These things do not only have potential long-term benefits. It can also help you manage holiday stress more effectively.

Don’t give up your personal time

It is easy to get caught in the constant whirl of activities once the holiday season begins. You have to guard your personal time and use it to replenish your energy. Make time to take care of your own needs. Use your private time for quiet, self-reflection, or other relaxing pursuits. Learn to say no to invitations or additional responsibilities that could put needless pressure on you. Use your personal time for activities or pursuits that soothe your mind and body.

Set a positive example

You can set a good example on staying healthy during the holidays. Sticking to healthy routines and habits amid the crazy busyness of the holidays can inspire your family, friends, and other people around you to follow suit.

Keeping things in moderation. Indulge on those delicious foods or treats that you want, but avoid overdoing it. Choose the healthiest choices available, if possible, and try to pay more attention to portion sizes.

Prepare healthy meals and snacks for family and friends. Get creative in cooking appetizing, high-nutrition treats that everyone can enjoy.

Squeeze in some time for recreational or physical activities. Stay active by sticking to an exercise routine or doing some physical activities. Try some at-home exercises or head outdoors for a walk or a run.
Take the time relax. Remind yourself that you are not obligated to accept all the invitations you receive. Know your limits and make sure that you manage your calendar well so you can get enough sleep each night.