PlayStation: A Hope For The Future of Fitness

Sony took over the gaming industry and exerted a 20-year old market dominance by simply releasing and reinventing their wonder product, the glorious PlayStation. Cutting-edge technology has always been about just having cooler looking and more-functionally-precise devices and tools than the prevailing ones. That is the trick that Sony used to stay ahead of competitors who even stooped low enough to mimic selling features of the PlayStation. Sony’s PlayStation has always been a gaming favorite despite intense competition because its innovation, making and remarkable branding has always helped it to evolve and stay ahead of the game: pun intended.

The Evolution of the Gaming Consoles

The first ever version of PlayStation was raised in anime central, Japan, where technology evolves and thrives. The launch was done back in 1994. The video game console enjoyed such an effective campaign and sales efforts that it shipped more than 100 million units. No other video game console had ever attained such a fete, and not many have since then, after a whopping 28 years of technological advancement and globalization. Since then, PlayStation only got smaller (for portability and durable compactness) and more tech-savvy.

The very much forgotten and 28-year-outdated selling features that got people excited and thrilled that time were:

  • Dual-speed CD-ROM drive,
  • One-core CPU featuring 2MB of RAM
  • 1MB of video RAM
  • Graphics capable of 360,000 polygons/ second.

Hope for the Future.

Of course, the other consoles came along and they knocked the content of gamers out of the park. They offered more clarity, control and convenience. The interaction levels they brought with the online gaming was even more phenomenal. The evolved consoles also gave users more storage space, unlike the measly 125 KB of data space that the initial PS1 memory cards offered.

Now, PlayStation is equipped with the modern-trend demands of the generation. We have portable PSPs, dual analog gaming sticks, motion sensors, dual shock features, ultra-thin PS 3s and even PlayStation Cameras. The assortment of games is also richer, more fulfilling and enjoyable. With so many choices, advancements and history, millennials and baby boomers can and do opt to make collections of every PlayStation device ever released to the market. Such collections are known to give people a cocktail of positive emotions and mood, casting people into moods of nostalgia, thankfulness, hopefulness and even excitement of the endless possibilities of technology and the future. There are plenty of educational lessons about humans, science and the future that folks can use to enlighten their children, entertain them and give them hope.

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