10 of the Best Cities for Fitness and Health Enthusiasts

Calgary, Canada
Highlights: Once featured by Forbes magazine as the cleanest city i the world, a wide range of outdoor destinations and activities year-round, a place suited for active lifestyle with plenty of biking and hiking trails among others

Copenhagen, Denmark
Highlights: A city known for its work-life balance, bike-friendly city, active lifestyle with many of its residents into biking and walking, green spaces suited for nature activities

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Highlights: Numerous options for physical activities and other recreations, hiking trails and mountains to explore, fresh fishes and other seafoods, traditional and modern fitness activities including tai-chi practiced across generations in parks and other public spaces, over 80 years of average life expectancy

Melbourne, Australia
Highlights: Generally good weather all-year round suited for a wide array of activities, biking and walking-friendly city, parks and other green spaces for recreational activities

Minneapolis–Saint Paul, USA
Minneapolis–Saint Paul
Highlights: Plenty of parks and public spaces for outdoor and recreational activities, farmer’ markets that are excellent sources of fresh produce and other healthy foods

Monte Carlo, Monaco
Monte Carlo
Highlights: Excellent healthcare system, lowest child-mortality rate in the world, outdoor destinations and activities including cycling, golf, sailing, and more

New York, USA
New York
Highlights: Non-smoking policies, green spaces like Central Park

Okinawa, Japan
Highlights: A city with the highest numbers of centenarians in the world, active and healthy lifestyle deepley embedded in Okinawans’ daily life, a sense of connectedness with other members of the community

Tokyo, Japan
Highlights: Plenty of green spaces and public parks, penchant for cleanliness that help in cutting down pollution, various recreational and physical activities, healthy food options

Vancouver, Canada
Stanley Seawall Vancouver
Highlights: Air quality, committed to being a green city, walkable, the parks and outdoor destinations perfect for a wide array of recreational activities